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BHSc BAppSc (Osteo)  | Qualified Yoga Instructor 

Dr Monique Goss is a fully qualified, registered osteopath and yoga teacher. Stemming from her love of competitive dancing and all things movement at a young age, Monique has developed a natural affinity for the human body, behaviour and spirituality. She completed her five year double degree with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University. Monique has complemented her osteopathic training with myofascial dry needling and cupping qualifications.

In 2016 Monique completed her Vinyasa yoga certification in Melbourne and Bali with Power Living Yoga Australia. She has used her yoga journey to not only enhance her own spiritual journey but to help others on theirs. 

As an osteopath, Monique has found trust in her hands to listen intently and seek dysfunction. Through further study in women's health and visceral anatomy she recognises that it is equally important to treat the organs within us as it is the skeleton and muscles surrounding them. She finds herself treating an array of women's health conditions, pre and post natal care as well as other gut and digestive complaints. 

The combination of her studies as an osteopath and yogi have birthed a unique experience for her as a teacher to others. With extensive anatomical knowledge and an ever-growing curiosity for that which can't be explained by text books, Monique offers interesting insights and contemplations in her lessons. Beyond her professional setting, Monique is hugely passionate about a low impact lifestyle constantly striving towards zero waste, zero tox and all other things health and planet. The aim is to continually improve herself to then extend the best service to others.


Monique grew up in South Gippsland, Victoria where she makes regular visits to see her family and the lush, green country side. In her spare time she loves listening to Australian music, going on outdoor adventures and travelling. 

Her passion for health and life is one that translates into every interaction with her clients and students. 

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BHSc BAppSc (Osteopathy) 

Brooke completed her double degree in a Bachelor of Health Science/ Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University, with additional qualifications in myofascial dry needling and cupping. 


Osteopathy has played a large role in her recovery from netball injuries whilst growing up in rural Victoria. Being raised in Kinglake, community activity and its resulting supportive network has been at the forefront of Brooke’s personal and professional growth. She is thrilled to be a part of giving back, where she’ll bring her strong desire to facilitate pathways for enhanced well-being into her osteopathic practice. 


Brooke believes in a holistic approach to health. It is by understanding the multifaceted causes of pain, the complexity of the human body and our ever-changing environment that we can promote change to achieve our optimal health. Brooke likes to actively learn approaches to assist patients in returning to what they love. This includes encouraging healthy lifestyle changes, incorporating movement, providing education and using manual therapy skills. Brooke prides herself on her compassion; she incorporates this in the clinic space through active listening and being attentive to each individual’s needs. 


When Brooke is not in the clinic, she’s usually discovering new music, sipping on oat lattes and listening to podcasts or Harry Potter audiobooks. She fills her cup by regularly seeing friends and visiting her family, whilst incorporating mindfulness in her life through yoga, walks and meditation.  


Brooke looks forward to providing osteopathic care to the Clifton Hill community and is determined to make a positive impact on her patients' well being.

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