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Ancient Wisdom | Modern Medicine

Om Osteopathy combines the ancient teachings of yogic phyilosophy and practice with the modern applications of osteopathy as a physical therapy. 

Passionately driven by the biopsychsocial model of health, the team at Om aim to create not only a structural support for your physical body but to acknowledge and nurture the other main components that support and impact health- our community and our emotional state. 

Osteopathy pursues body optimisation from top to toe, from internal viscera to external musculoskeletal system and the situations we live in environmentally and socially. Generally, where there is pain or dysfunction an osteopath will seek to find a solution. Yoga can be a complex practice of breathing, movement, meditation, sense withdrawral, reflection and so much more but quite simply, yoga is coming back to who we are in essence. 

Om Osteopathy aims to integrate these two teachings to enable individuals to thrive rather than just survive. It is never too late to begin a journey to better yourself whether it is from the inside out or the outside in.

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