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Should My Kids Have Osteo Treatments?

Monique Goss, Osteopath

We see it at the start of every school year. You send your little or not so little children off to school over the next few days and you think "what the hell are they doing all day?" Well let's be real, kids are fearless and often have no ✨off✨ switch. So where does osteopathy play a role in supporting their development?

Osteo treatments can be a great way to support those growing bodies through the highs and lows of school life. It goes without saying those little bodies probably get up to A LOT throughout the week. Between sitting at a desk in class for hours, tablet or screen time during and after school, sports inside and out of school. The list goes on. 

In fact, I distinctly remember my dad being so blown away (maybe slightly worried) with how my little body kept up with all my after school activities. So much so, he would entice me with a Mars bar on Friday afternoons if I got home from school and had a nap!  

Ironically, I became an osteopath due to so much exposure to movement, injuries and sports during my childhood. My parents also took me and my siblings to a multitude of allied health professionals that I believe helped me learn the importance of supporting our bodies and for me- envision my dream career.

Osteo plays a role in addressing musculoskeletal imbalances, enhancing mobility and strength and promoting balanced growth in children. Early intervention is always best when ensuring proper development and function.

So what does this look like in practice? Well it depends on the child. If there's pain it goes without saying- we address it. If there isn't, we assess the body balance, the strengths, weaknesses and adaptations that occur from daily stressors. Some parents choose to bring their kids for treatment with 'no real issues' and that is absolutely fine. We prefer preventing injuries before they occur and helping clients thrive regardless of their age.

Parents often ask how do we know when to book them in and how often? Well, just like adults- it really depends on the kid. If your child is incredibly active inside and outside of school hours and playing sport competitively then maintenance appointments during school holidays can be a great idea. Similarly, some parents choose a “once a term” approach to preventative care. If we are managing injury, stress, digestive complaints, asthma or other ongoing medical conditions it could be more. On the contrary if your child doesn’t seem to have a lot of body concerns and manages well from day to day with their movement levels without complaint then perhaps just once or twice a year is fine for their check ups. 

We adapt our treatment plans and styles to suit the child just as we would an adult in the treatment room. One thing is always the priority though, setting up for future success.

Let's build solid foundations for our kids. To grow into healthy and thriving adults that prioritise and nurture their own bodies. The habits start now.🎒

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